Situation Description

Every company needs to ensure continual customer’s satisfaction with its offerings while the customers experience the offerings. Typically, this objective is pursued by applying the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), which seeks identification of those changes that will make the offerings less susceptible to failures. While being a well-known and widely-accepted methodology, FMEA is not robust, and its results have to be drastically improved.

GTI Approach

GTI Failure Prevention methodology is based on the fact that reliable failure prevention is only possible when every possible failure mode associated with an offering design is identified and analyzed. Just then, one can make a deliberate decision on whether a specific failure mode should be dealt with or ignored. A combination of tools and techniques that ensure comprehensive compilation of potential failure modes with the GTI Problem Solving methodology enables results that are superior comparing to a regular approach.

Major Benefits

  • More comprehensive, more reliable analysis (due to identifying more functions to be performed by a system and its elements, more failures modes, etc.)
  • Greater effectiveness of the analysis – better results
  • The methodology is robust and repeatable
  • Totally compatible with FMEA standards

To address this challenge, Invinsys offers: