Situation Description

This application addresses a system performance-related situation, which manifests itself as a system’s inability to achieve a desired result/outcome, or creation of a new negative “side-effect” that is caused by the system intended performance or by an attempt to change the system in order to fix an outstanding challenge.

GTI Approach

GTI recognizes that the situation that contains an initially stated dissatisfaction is in reality a system of many inter-related and inter-connected problems. Therefore, a complete exploration of the “problem-solution” space is absolutely essential to maximize the odds of a project success. GTI has specific Problem Identification and Problem Solving Tools and Techniques to ensure robust performance.

Major Benefits

  • Effectiveness of the solution, due to selection of the most potent problems with the biggest opportunities
  • Multiple solution alternatives, as the “problem-solution” space is comprehensively explored
  • Efficiency of the process, as the methodology is robust and repeatable
  • Etc.

To address this challenge, Invinsys offers: