Situation Description

The situation that fits this application can be described as a need to improve any or all KPI (Key Process Indicators) associated with performance of either an entire organization (commercial company, non-profit, governmental agency, so on) or any of its parts (such as a functional department, business unit, etc.)

An incomplete list of typical needs that can be addressed by applying GTI and its arsenal of methodologies, processes, and tools includes the following:

  • Improvement of profitability
  • Creation of an advantageous business strategy / business model
  • Avoidance of commoditization
  • Improvement of a function/capability (such as NPD, R&D, or any other)
  • Assessment of a strategic investment, including leveraged buyout, M&A, etc.
  • Effective turnaround
  • Improvement of ROI/ROC/ROA
  • Etc.

GTI Approach

A project pursuing satisfaction of any of the above-mentioned needs is complex, and it requires simultaneous application of various GTI methodologies, processes, and tools that are assembled together in a manner that would ensure achievement of client’s specific objectives.

To solve a challenge of this nature, Invinsys offers consulting services. Upon a request, however, Invinsys is willing to consider providing simultaneous training and/or creation of a client’s capability to carry out projects of similar nature by using GTI.

While there are many potential benefits of this application of GTI, the high odds of achieving client’s objectives stands apart, for no other methodology matches GTI robust capabilities to achieve the set goals when the focus of a project is a complex system