Situation Description

This situation is characterized by the need of a company to create and/or sustain financial growth by the means of developing innovations that will gain strategic advantage. They are also known as Strategic Innovations.

GTI Approach

The overwhelming majority of competitors attempt to create growth by developing innovations providing a better solution to a particular need. While improving an offering, a better / cheaper/ faster solution to a known need does not ensure strategic advantage and growth.

GTI states that identification of Unique and Meaningful needs (aka the right Problems) is required to drastically increase the odds of growth creation. Based on the underlying logic of the evolution of products and services, GTI enables reliable identification of the Right Problems.

The GTI methodology of uncovering these strategic opportunities is called Design for Advantage™. It is designed for identifying, prioritizing, selecting, and solving the right Problems. The Design for Advantage™ methodology was tested multiple times with Fortune 500 clients and showed its great effectiveness. To ensure robust performance, the Design for Advantage™ methodology has multiple unique tools and techniques

Major Benefits

  • Reverse an innovation project odds to create growth: from the current level of 1% to nearly 60%
  • Gain capability to predict the future of market’s / customers’ requirements
  • Master the process of creating strategic innovations
  • Achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Drastically increase ROI in NPD and R&D
  • Etc.

To address this challenge, Invinsys offers: