Innovation training

GTI has been taught globally (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Poland etc) with great success since 1988. Regardless of a training program specific focus (with nine Business Applications being available) and format, all of our Innovation Training offerings are very practical and designed to achieve two primary objectives.

  • To teach a respective GTI-based methodology with the focus on the “how-to”. Attendees will learn the theoretical framework, all the major concepts and principles, and those processes and tools that comprise the methodology.
  • To develop attendees’ skills in applying the learned material. While knowledge is important, we strongly believe that the only thing that truly matters is practical results, which requires highly developed application skills. At least 40 percent of time during our workshops is dedicated to hands-on exercises.

Although our Innovation Training offerings are predesigned, we will customize any of them to meet your specific needs and outcome objectives. For any of the applications, you can choose between:

  • A seminar format (the primary purpose is education)
  • A workshop format that pursues simultaneous education and application to your challenge.

Training can be delivered either face-to-face or via online technology and a duration customized for your needs.