Innovation Certification Programs

To help organizations reduce the risks and costs associated with innovation efforts, establish best practices, and identify those individuals who have demonstrated their ability to deliver valuable real-life consistent results in the realm of innovation, Invinsys offers two GTI Innovation Certification programs;

  • A comprehensive Innovation Professional Certification
  • A specialized Strategic Innovation Professional Certification.

Overall Certification Requirements

  • Complete all required courses
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully apply the learned material to the real-life projects with the projects success being determined and verified by the management of an organization that benefits as a result of the applicant’s activities. Verification is provided in the form of a letter confirming practical value of the project results.
  • Satisfy the time requirements by completing the projects (including submission of the report) within a predetermined period after completing the course.
  • Specific certification requirements vary depending on a certification program and level that a candidate attempts to achieve.