Building Innovation Capability

This service is designed for those companies that realize:

  • Innovation is a major business function;
  • Every employee can and should create innovative value-adding solutions at least within the bounds of his/her functions,
  • The creation of new ideas is not sufficient, as the company has to get new ideas that will create value (instead of destroying value).

Based on these three realizations, every company needs a company-wide capability for innovation on demand, which is defined as:

  • The RIGHT Solution
  • To the RIGHT Problem
  • At the RIGHT Time
  • EVERY Time

The Building Innovation Capability program has three major components that at the end are to be created and deployed

  • Personnel’s capability to innovate on demand
  • Innovation infrastructure, which includes innovation management system, innovation-related business processes, innovation measurement, innovation IT support, etc.
  • Innovation culture

Achieving these objectives requires using all the GTI business applications and methodologies. This service is delivered by our local GTI Consulting Professionals/Partners that are part of our Innovation Network.