We have been in the business of innovation for more than 20 years

History of our company goes back to 1983 when Greg started to consult in the business of innovation. After emergence of General Theory of Innovation in 1988 he managed more than 100 GTI projects. Greg is also the President of the Institute of Professional Innovators that was founded in 2005

We have track of successful projects

GTI was tough globally and we have managed hundreds of various (GTI and non-GTI) innovation projects around the world. Success rate of GTI Projects is 98 percent.

GTI is the only scientific theory of innovation

Scientific foundation of GTI Business Methodologies enables:

  • Effectiveness
  • Repeatability of results
  • Ability to teach

We have a strong team of innovation professionals

We share the passion for innovation: with Greg who successfully consulted Fortune 500 companies, Dave who have worked with Design and Systems Engineering, Technical Instruction, Product Development for more 21 years and Wojciech and Wojciech who implemented innovations for big corporations worldwide, we compose the complete team of professionals.

We have global outreach through our certified partners

Our services are delivered through the network of accredited and certified partners that combine proficiency of GTI Tools and Techniques with the knowledge of local market. This ensures high quality of global standards that are tailored for the local business needs.