Global Innovation Network

To ensure the highest quality to our customers, our services are delivered through the network of accredited and certified partners that combine proficiency of GTI Tools and Techniques with the knowledge of local market.

Please find below the list of our partners.

Otawa Group – Poland

Otawa Group Poland

As our partner, the Otawa Group has non-exclusive rights to use the GTI services and materials developed by Invinsys on the territory of the Republic of Poland. Additionally, the Otawa Group is certified by Invinsys, as an entity fully capable to provide GTI-based services. The Otawa Group has been in business of providing corporate training, market research and innovation since 1997. In addition to GTI-based innovation services, their offerings include a wide range of training courses, market research (including design and interpretation of opinion poll), and end-to-end services in application and implementation of EU co-funded projects in the field of innovation.

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Please get in touch with us if you are interested in becoming our partner.

Innovation Practionners

For the individuals and organizations that would like to grow in the field of innovation, we would like to offer two certification programs.

We also encourage to subscribe to our membership area to obtain access to global forum and additional GTI materials.