Evenflo Company Inc.

The feeding and healthcare products group of Evenflo, Inc. faced a quite challenging market situation for one of its products in early 2003. Being in the very competitive field, each our attempt to improve the product interfered with our competitors’ patents. That is when we asked Mr. Greg Yezersky to help us come up with new product ideas.

In one month, Mr. Yezersky delivered up to a dozen of new product concepts. Not only were they patentable, but also a number of them represented principal advancements of our technology state of the art. A combination of these concepts with our own ideas satisfied all the system requirements, was quickly engineered, tested and is in the production right now. We are confident that we will be able to significantly improve our market position after introduction of this improved product.

We would like to acknowledge that our cooperation with Mr. Greg Yezersky has been a success, and we highly recommend services of Mr. Greg Yezersky to any organization striving to improve its product line, market share and ability to compete through application of the General Theory of Innovation, which he has created.

Ken Yee, Director of Engineering. Feeding & Healthcare.

Covanta Energy

If you want a new and powerful lens to solve problems or create value there is none better than Greg. He will show you a new way to look at the world that uses proven methods and science. What he offers is profound and has changed lead to many successful outcomes for not only the companies I’ve worked for, but also my career.

Jim Hall, Vice President, Covanta Recovery.


Last spring I attended a two-day seminar, Strategic Innovation as a Science, that was conceived and led by Greg. As one of two people who brought the Russian innovation methodology, TRIZ, to the United States, Greg’s knowledge and experience in this area is unparalleled. This session for executives, was focused around the creation of a strategic advantage for the future that directs the course of innovation. This session is for people willing to think deeply and strategically. For those who do, it is well worth the time and tuition. Greg also works directly with organizations. He developed the General Theory of Innovation (GTI), which enables product- and service-based companies the opportunity to access tools and techniques that have been in many cases limited to technology or engineering-based organizations. He’s bright, engaging, fun and reliable.

Sue McPhail, Owner.

DaimlerChrysler AG (Now Chrysler Group LLC)

The course has introduced a very logical process for predicting the future of the market and customers’ requirements. It will change my framework for approaching, recognizing and solving issues. I would absolutely recommend it to others.

Joe Veltri, Director of Marketing, Body-on-Frame Vehicles.

High level insightful thinking. Very helpful. Develops and allows a fundamentally new way of analyzing customer input. Extremely well done! I absolutely recommend the course to others.

Ron Zarowitz, Senior Manager, Product Planning.

GTI is all embracing excellent method, which incorporates many separate methodologies in a very effective way. This was really great. Really enjoyed it! Highly recommend to anyone responsible for product strategy and planning.

Julie Zona, Product Strategy, Chrysler Brand.

General Theory of Innovation presents an absolutely new way to better understand ways to improve our product offering. Good job! I recommend the course to anyone interested in satisfying the customer.

Mark Clemons, Senior Manager, Market Measurement Research.

GTI-based course is very useful and absolutely thought provoking. The majority of concepts are highly original and interesting. I will start using it right away to evaluate the projects in my portfolio.

Mary Neaton, Portfolio Manager, Product & Feature Strategy.

Eastman Kodak Company

Already, I have been able to apply the GTI approach to forecasting to predict future trends in the Graphics printing business resulting in the generation of several truly novel product concepts. I look forward to further applications and results from applying your methodology.

William Y. Fowlkes, Operations Manager, Printing Solutions and Technology Center.

Life Fitness (Division of Brunswick Corporation)

We were very skeptical at first about the General Theory of Innovation methodology. Today we are true believers based on real successes. Learning GTI also provided LifeFitness with internal capabilities to tackle difficult technical problems. We are currently holding working sessions utilizing the methodologies on a monthly basis.

One of the major successes we had practicing GTI was finding an ideal solution for a wax nozzle-clogging problem that had plagued our high-end treadmills for years. Several solutions have been tried over the years, and none was successful due to cost or derivative problems associated with the solutions. By utilizing the learned concepts, we have developed the EverWax solution with almost zero implementation cost. As a result, we are in the process of applying for several patents.

Thank you very much for your services!

Chungkin Yu, Manager of Research Engineering.

American Specialty Cars

General Theory of Innovation (GTI) provides interesting, deep and insightful perspective to more robust systems / product development and system oriented problem analysis and solution. It also supports “set-based” solution approach to product development.

Greg Exner, Director of Product Development.

Great course! ASC will continue to utilize these processes with our leadership. The application of the learned material to our system and solving the problem that was crucial to satisfying the customer’s requirements is very useful. Thanks a lot!

Brad Garsko, Manager of Product Development.

The course content was excellent and highly applicable! I will immediately utilize it. The content is so good that it is applicable to the set-based method for product development and will help ASC’s efforts for more effective product development process.

Richard Wroblewski, Director of Product Development.

Parametric Technology Corporation

As Manager of Innovation at Chrysler, in 2010 I engaged Greg Yezersky and his GTI expertise in a project aimed at overcoming a design issue that caused acute customer dissatisfaction. The situation was complicated by the fact that the system was in production, and there were significant constraints on the degree of potential change. In one month, our team came up with a number of solutions that satisfied all the requirements, which were recognized and accepted by the internal customer. I acknowledge the value and power of the GTI process as well as the associated tools, and highly recommend Greg as a very creative consultant, capabe of generating valuable solutions in a very short period of time.

Venkatesh Agaram, Director.

ReWired Group

Greg provides timely and thoughtful insights to inspire teams to innovate. His passion combined with strong technical knowledge makes for powerful meetings that make things happen long term. We look forward to working with Greg in the future.

Bob Barrett, VP Managing Director.

UTFPR (Brazil)

Greg is a brilliant engineer, scientist and entrepreneur. He developed the General Theory of Innovation, which is based on TRIZ and other innovation theories and methodologies. He is a superb trainer and problem solver.

Marco del Carvalho, Professor

Johnson Controls Inc.

A set of cost-saving measures in excess of $25M (to be achieved over the 5-year program lifespan) was delivered in less than 3 months while we believed that after our own cost-reduction exercises no single cent could be found – what a work! Thanks Greg!

Bob Velanovich, Vice President of Engineering

Black and Decker Inc.

With GTI help we have developed a breakthrough in the power tools segment, and, as a result, we expect significant financial gains.

Mike Brennan, Vice President of Product Development


Greg Yezersky is an excellent presenter who recently gave a talk on Strategic Forecasting at a Competitive Intelligence Conference I attended… As I now begin to goal plan for the coming year, the well-worn copy of Greg’s presentation I’m using to reference is close at hand. Great insight, excellent information, enjoyable presentation skills.

Paul Burnett, Director of Market Research